ELLIS Unconference 2023 in Paris

2nd Ellis Unconference, on the HEC campus in Paris, Hawai in Paris, July 23-28 .

This year ICML is in Hawaii. You may not have been lucky enough to have enough funds to go, or you may simply have a few qualms about flying 20,000 km for a mere 4.2 tonnes of CO2. Nevertheless, you regret not being able to present your work, to find the atmosphere of a conference, with people working on subjects close to yours and with whom you could have productive discussions. Here’s your chance to attend

The concept of the “unconference” diverges substantially from that of the conventional conference. This innovative paradigm involves assembling at a secluded campus to collaborate and exchange intellectual insights.

Our program incorporates the organization of themed workshops that stimulate in-depth exploration of particular areas of interest. Furthermore, we have arranged dedicated workspaces for individuals or small groups eager to delve profoundly into their chosen subjects.

As night falls, we will provide opportunities to connect live to ICML tutorials, thus, enhancing knowledge acquisition and exposure to experts in the field. Additionally, we intend to host insightful discussions, encouraging the participants to share their perspectives, debate on relevant issues, and contribute to collective wisdom.

Coming to the unconference

The event will take place on the HEC campus near Paris at the following address: 1 Rue de la Libération, 78350 Jouy-en-Josas.

You can reach HEC by public transport such as RER C up to Jouy-en-Josas station followed by bus 32 outside the Jouy-en-Josas train station toward HEC Campus (or a walk). More details here.

The unconference will take place in the T building, of HEC Paris.

Format and program:


Welcome and presentation.


  1. Morning: workshop forums. Each participant will be given the opportunity to suggest and or pick paper to present as lightning talks during the workshops from Tuesday to Thursday.
  2. Afternoon: Plenary Talks.

  3. Poster session - bring your posters - ICML and others.

Tuesday to Thursday:

Thematic workshops will be organized to present the participants’ accepted papers and works that are presented at ICML.

Each workshop will be organized in 2 sessions, one in the morning 10:30-12:30, and one in the afternoon, 14:30-16:30.

Two types of talks will be considered:

  1. Your own work. - 20 min talk on a recently published or submitted paper (ICML23 or not)
  2. An ICML paper of your choice:  - 5 min lightning talk

There will be poster sessions and plenty of time to discuss

Tentative list of workshops:

  1. Optimal transport, kernel methods and generative models (Chair: Rémi Flamary remi.flamary@polytechnique.edu, Alain Oliviero-Durmus alain.durmus@polytechnique.edu)
  2. Stochastic Optimization. (Chair: Aymeric Dieuleveut aymeric.dieuleveut@polytechnique.edu)
  3. Robustness, fairness and explainability (Chair: Quentin Bouniot quentin.bouniot@telecom-paris.fr, Jayneel Parekh jayneel.parekh@telecom-paris.fr)
  4. Reinforcement Learning and ML theory (Chair: Eric Moulines eric.moulines@polytechnique.edu)

Other workshops will be announced quickly !

Un-Organizing committee

Scientific Committee: Florence d’Alché Buc, Aymeric Dieuleveut, Alain Durmus, Rémi Flamary, Eric Moulines.


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